18 Compartment Magnetic Fly Box

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This magnetic fly box also works well for storing hooks needed for tying flies. It really shines for storing large quantities of nymphs because the magnet really does help prevent the spilling of flies. This fly box is very thin and will easily fit inside of your fly vest or coat pocket.


7.25″ x 3.75″ x .5″

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This awesome box is made with the nymph fisherman in mind. If you find it hard to place your flies in foam after each use, you can use this box and just toss them in. The best part is—in the event of a tipped over box, you won’t have to deal with a complete fly catastrophe because of the magnetic body. The strong magnet at the bottom of this box will prevent the wind from blowing your flies all over. This is a great box to just leave open on the rail of your drift boat to let flies dry out.  At our rock bottom prices, you practically can’t afford not to buy this amazing magnetic fly box.

(Flies shown are not included)