Adams Trude Dry Fly

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This easy to see tried and true Adam’s trude is a great fly for searching waters for feeding trout. I have had great luck fishing from coast to coast with this pattern. It can easily be considered to look like a caddis, stonefly or just a moth of any variety. All trout species are quite fond of the Adam’s trude pattern, but cutthroat seem to be particularly fond of it, and you should be too. This fly has saved more than one guide trip by being just off the wall enough to convince fish to strike. It mimics such a wide array of insects that it is just a great fly to try out when not much else is going on in with a hatch.

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The Adam’s Trude is a great attractor pattern and has been a great fly for me throughout the years. One thing I really love about this fly is it’s great visibility. The rearward facing large wing and the bright Chinese pheasant tail, make this fly always easy to see. The classic Adam’s grey under body is a sure fire hit wherever you might be fishing.

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