Clark's hopper fly

Clark’s Hopper

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Clark’s Hopper

This grasshopper fly pattern is great for summertime fun. We all use Dave’s or Joe’s hoppers, but do you have any Clark’s? These are just different enough to catch the trouts eye. They don’t have a super thick profile, but they don’t need it. The gold tinsel tied around the body and the red tag tail, really sets them apart from your average hopper fly. They also have a high visibility polypropylene wing to keep them floating well. One thing I really like about this fly is how lightweight they are. They are easy to cast and can usually be dried out with a couple false casts no problem.

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If you don’t have any Clark’s  hoppers, you better get with the program. These lightweight grasshopper flies can really work wonders on any river that fish feed on hoppers. Tie this fly on in a hot day in late August and you might see some fireworks. These are just different enough from your average looking hopper to make a real splash (no pun intended).

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