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Coffin Fly Spinner Pattern

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The coffin fly will represent a variety of light colored mayflies. If there is a light colored mayfly species hatching on the river, there is a good chance they’ll eat this fly pattern.  The spent wing coffin fly shown here is such an amazingly versatile spent wing mayfly pattern that you would be doing yourself a disservice by not owning any. I have used this fly with great success during sulphur hatches, hendrickson hatches and many others. This is also a great green drake spinner pattern that might just knock your socks off.

Perhaps the best feature of this fly is now nicely you can color it with a permanent marker to simulate just about any colored fly. Heck, you could fill a fly box with just this fly, bring a set of various colored markers and just about be able to catch fish all year long with only one pattern.

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The coffin fly is such an amazing representation of a variety of mayflies. It works great for catching trout in many light colored mayfly hatches.

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