March Brown Dry Fly

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Looking for a large brown mayfly to fill in the inadequacies of your fly box? This is a good way to do it. The March brown fly is a pretty large hatch in many areas and will surely be a good way to kick off the fly fishing season. The March brown hatch does not have to be happening to make this versatile trout fly worth having though, because this is a great fly that looks like a lot of common insects on the river. You just can’t go wrong with keeping some of these on hand.

This fly comes in 2 different styles, so be sure to check out the pictures to decide which type you like. The Standard March brown is shown in the main image with the gold wrap around the body. The Flick’s March brown has a lighter colored synthetic dubbing and different wing material. See Image for more details.

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Once the water temp reaches 42 degrees, the March brown hatch will commence. Generally late February through April is the time frame of this hatch. This pattern will also work well during the brown drake hatch in large sizes.

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Brown, Flick's March Brown