Mosquito Dry Fly Pattern

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The mosquito dry fly pattern is shockingly realistic and super effective at catching trout. This particular mosquito pattern is so realistic that I just want to slap it. If there is one species of insect that has been successful at covering just about every body of water, it is surely this one. Mosquito flies hatch all spring and summer in pretty much every body of water. If you are not seeing any mayflies or caddis, the mosquito is an obvious choice of fly patterns to try. The lifelike wrapping of the body of this fly in combination with the perfect coloration of hackle, make this fly not only look like a mosquito, but dozens of other common flies you’ll find in your area of the country. Don’t let yourself miss out on great days of fishing because your fly box is missing the trout staple—the mosquito fly.

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This mosquito dry fly pattern is terribly realistic and super effective at hooking trout. This is a staple food item for fish in every corner of the world. If you buy a few of these you will be tempted to spray yourself with insect repellent, because you will feel like you are looking at the real thing. BUZZZZZ, BUZZZZ

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