Mouse Rat Deer Hair Trout Pattern

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The Mouse rat is a top night fishing fly in the mouse category. You can effectively hook massive trout on this by either slow stripping, swinging or aggressively popping it in big fish water.
This deer hair mouse has a rubber tail, bead eyes, a foam set of ears and natural looking whiskers. You will enjoy the realistic look that this great night fishing fly pattern offers.

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The mouse rat deer hair mouse one of my top flies for night fishing for trout. Put a generous amount of fly floatant on this thing, find a deep hole that you know holds big brown trout and cast this baby in there. Give it a few big pops, or cast it at the bank and let the current wake it through the hole. When the fish strikes, you won’t be able to see it, but you will certainly hear it! I have traveled thousands of miles per year every year to catch big trout using this fly. Nothing in the world is more exciting than night fishing for trout using these mouse patterns. This mouse fly comes with a heavy monofilament hook guard which can be removed if you’d like. The hook guard is great for fishing at night because these flies tend to find their way into trees after dark. You will notice a significant decrease in caught trees with this heavy hook guard in place.

Give this tremendous mouse fly a try and I’m certain you won’t regret it.

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