Stimulator Dry Fly – Various Options

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With the yellow and orange combination on this stimulator fly, you will represent a perfect imitation of yellow sally stoneflies. These hatch like crazy in the Western US, but there are several varieties that hatch all over the US that this stimulator represents. The Orange stimulator is among my top go to flies for searching for fish in mid summer when there isn’t too much action taking place with hatches.

Types of Stimulator Flies Available

  • High Visibility: The high vis stimulator is tied just like a standard one, except it has an orange polypropylene wing. This will allow you to see at at long distances and it also helps it to float a little longer.
  • Rubber Legged: The rubber legged stimulator is a truly great looking fly. Also tied in a similar fashion to the original, except for the addition of black and white striped legs to the front of the body. These legs really help to convince picky trout to eat it.
  • Standard: The classic stimulator pattern. Just as effective as always, this is one of my favorite flies and every angler everywhere should own some.
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The stimulator has got to be one of my favorite all around summertime attractor fly patterns. This is a perfect representation of many different types of stoneflies and big caddis.


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Hook Size

10, 12, 14

Stimulator Varieties

Classic Pattern – Orange, Classic Pattern – Yellow, High Visibility (Poly Wing), Rubber Leg