Royal Wulff

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The Royal Wulff

This classic fly is a staple for most anglers. On those days where there doesn’t seem to be any sort of hatch, that is when this fly should get pulled out. It looks like a variety of different insects and it just plain looks buggy. The Royal Wulff is one of those fly patterns that just never goes out of style. The rod floss on the body and the peacock herl to give it a little bulk, just seems to get the fishes attention. ON those hot summer days where the fish seem to not be eating a thing, that’s when you can pull out your secret stash of this fly and put on a riverside show.

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 More Info About the Royal Wulff

Lee Wulff Is perhaps the most well know fly tyer and fly fisherman of all time. He has tied a lot of great trout flies. The royal wulff fly is probably his most well known fly. There is a version of this fly in most fly boxes all over the world. This trout pattern looks very similar to the Royal coachmen, the main difference being the material of the wing on the Wulff being calf tail. This provides better floating ability over the royal coachman. It has the standard “royal” Look to it, with peacock hurl body and the red thread in the center breaking up the thorax and abdomen. This provides a more realistic outline of an actual insect in the water.

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