Fishing Nippers

If there is one tool that all fisherman need, it’s a good set of fly fishing nippers. Not only will a good pair of fishing line nippers give you nice clean cuts, you will be able to much more easily thread small tippets through those very small flies. A dull pair of fly fishing nippers will give your tippet a flat cut, which simply won’t be easily threaded through your size 20 and smaller flies. A good pair of nippers will also make you less likely to attempt to bite through fishing line—which will eventually ruin your teeth. Choose a stylish and practical pair of fishing line nippers below, and you will experience great line cutting ability and save your teeth.

Fly Fishing Nippers We Have in Stock Include:

  • Nipper with Nail Knot tool and Hook Eye Cleaner
  • Fish Colored Nippers Including , Brown, Brook and Rainbow trout patterns
  • Wide Line nippers with Grip Pads

As you can see we have the best fly fishing nippers styles in stock and ready to ship. We have a style for every type of fly fisherman. All of our fishing nippers are super sharp and sure to give your the cleanest possible line and tippet cuts imaginable. Shop now to find a great pair of fly fishing nippers to suit your needs.

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