Deer Hair Mouse Flies

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Using Mouse Flies for Trout

These deer hair mouse flies are great for fishing either during the day or night. I personally fish them 99% of the time after the sun goes down. You can either pop them like a streamer or wake them. If you are searching for big trout and you know they exist in your favorite trout stream I strongly recommend you give night fishing with these mouse flies a try.

These are all tied with deer hair bodies and highly detailed faces for a realistic appearance. These flies are commonly used in Alaska for catching big rainbow trout at all hours of the day. Cast them up near the bank, give them a few strips and watch for the explosion. Trout absolutely love these things and they hit them much harder than they would any other type of flies.

Fishing with Mouse Flies at Night

Stripped fast these flies will cause quite a stir on the water and often bring out the largest trout to feed. You can also slowly wake these flies by casting close to the bank and allowing the current to slowly pull your fly out towards the middle of the river. This light waking/swinging method will be the ticket on many occasions. I often have success by giving these flies a series of very short strips (6″ or so each) and then letting it sit for just a moment before it makes it out of the hole.
In the following night fishing for trout video you will see this fly in action. It is truly my favorite mouse pattern and has caught me more fish after dark than any other.

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