Bow River Bugger – Black-Olive

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The Bow River Bugger in Black and Olive

This streamer pattern has become a Western Favorite. It was originally for fishing big rainbows on the Bow river in Alberta, it is now a common and very productive fly on practically any trout stream. The black and olive bow river bugger is not only a great choice for fishing in lightly stained water, it works just as well in ultra clear water on the right day. There are no telling which color streamer fish will be attracted to on any given day, but you can rest assured if you have a few of these in your arsenal you will certainly be better off.

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Bow river bugger flies are lightweight, have tremendous action underwater and will dominate all across the US and Canada. These are a must have for any hardcore streamer angler. I will often fish with 2 streamers at a time, and the lightweight bow river bugger will work perfectly as the back fly to entice those finicky fish.

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