Brook Trout Colored Line Nippers

$ 5.99

Brook trout painted fly fishing nippers. These are super sharp and will give you clean cuts on your tippets and fishing line. When it comes to threading your fine tippets into small flies, a clean cut from a good set of nippers will allow you to put the line through the eye of the hook much better than a ragged cut from a knife or cheap nippers.

  • This tool also has the sharp needle at the end of it to clean head cement out of your flies.
  • Extra sharp
  • Nice paint job

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This set of line nippers is probably the number one selling item in the gear shop. We have dozens of happy customers that have purchased this amazingly sharp and stylish pair of fly fishing nippers. The brook trout line nippers will cut your line and tippets with ease. They are painted in a stylish brook trout spotted design to keep you looking good. Nippers are perhaps one of the most important things to have with you on the river. You never know just how often you actually use nippers until you spend a day on the river without them.