Crane Fly – Daddy Longlegs | Various Color Options

Cranefly or Daddy Longlegs Dry

This fly has saved the day for me on numerous occasions. You will usually see these flies starting to buzz around in the late afternoon. When you see the fish feeding on something, but it’s not the mayflies or caddis you see, they could be eating these craneflies. With the legs going in every direction these flies just look like an insect. We have 2 different color options for you to choose in this pattern. Either olive or brown. Both of them have a nice wrap of flashy tinsel around the body to give them a shiny, segmented appearance. I really love this pattern and use it quite a bit. You will be surprised how many fish you can catch on this amazing pattern. Hook sizes available in 10 and 12.

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The cranefly with the legs going all over the place drives the trout crazy. Next time you are in a fish catching rut on a hot summer afternoon, give this fly a try, you might be surprised.

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Brown, Olive

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10, 12