Economy Fly Tying Bobbin

$ 6.99

If you are searching for an inexpensive bobbin, your search is over. This might not be perfect in every way, but it works great! I have tied over 100 flies in the past couple weeks using one and I don’t have any complaints. About a month ago I went into a fly shop to buy a bobbin, thinking: Shoot, I can probably pick one up for under 10$ Well, I was mistaken. They were all priced at 17-20$, so I decided to offer a bobbin that will fit into the average fisherman’s budget.

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This cheap bobbin will tie flies just as good as any of the expensive ones you will find. It has a ceramic insert in the tube, hard plastic pieces where it meets the spool (for smooth sliding of the thread). This is a great deal for a great inexpensive piece of fly tying gear. You can always buy one of these for a backup, you can never have too many fly tying bobbins in your tool arsenal.