Elk Hair Caddis – Various Color Options

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The tried and true elkhair caddis fly pattern. This is quite simply one of the very bast caddis interpretations that exists. This is a versatile fly that not only does a great job at looking like a caddis, but it also works tremendously well as a spruce moth pattern.

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Perhaps one of the most well known and widely used trout fly patterns. The elkhair caddis is a great fly to own in a few sizes and colors. Caddis are a species of fly found in every state in the US and they hatch often. You will see caddis fly hatches nearly every day in the spring, summer and fall. Don’t get caught on the river during an epic hatch without at least a couple elk hair caddis in your fly box.

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Black, Olive, Tan

Hook Size

12, 14, 16