Fly Fishing Zinger

$ 3.99

This zinger comes with a plastic coated steel wire inside, so it should last you a while. These are a very convenient thing to have on your fly vest and they will work for nearly any lightweight accessories. You can attach nippers, fly floatants or any other fairly lightweight item that you use frequently. Personally, I like to keep a zinger on my gear bag with small fly fishing nippers attached, and another one on my shirt.

These are much less trouble to use than a lanyard, because your fly line is a lot less likely to get caught in this fly fishing zinger than a lanyard filled with all sorts of accessories.

  • This zinger comes with a locking pin so you can easily attach it to your shirt or fishing vest.

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These fly fishing retractor zingers are the perfect accessories to go with a set of nippers. We have probably all used these at one time or another, if you have—you will know just how handy they are. Keep your nippers and other fly fishing tools easily at hand with this tough fishing zinger. This will easily pin onto your shirt or fly fishing vest and give you quick access. I have used these exact zingers on a daily basis during the summer guiding season. I can attest to the durability and long lasting nature of this amazing fishing gadget.

You will notice that this has a heavy duty stainless steel cord with plastic coating for extended durability. This zinger will effortlessly retract your various fishing gadgets back into position on your vest.

Zinger Uses

  • Hemostats
  • Fly Floatants
  • Nippers
  • Tippet spools
  • Any other small tool you might need handy