Fritz Streamer Flies Multiple color options

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These “Fritz streamers” are great for a variety of fish. You can dead drift them for steelhead, twitch them around for crappie and even strip them straight up streamer style for bass and trout. Sparkling dubbing and pulsating maribou is a combination you just can’t go wrong with!

A couple years ago, I got into a school of smallmouth and massive white bass that fell in love with these fritz flies. I caught more fish on these than you’d even believe. They might not be a super complex pattern, but thewy are truly loved by warm and coldwater fish alike.

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These are available in size #6. They come with a hand painted lead head which will get them into the zone quickly. Try out these versatile fritz streamer flies today, you won’t regret it!

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These small heavy streamers are fish magnets! Whether you’re looking to catch trout, crappies or even steelhead, these buggers will get them!

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