Green Copper John Nymph Beadhead – 2 Color Varieties

The Green Colored Copper John Beadhead Nymph

We have 2 color varieties here:

  • Lime Green
  • Dark Green

If you are looking for the perfect nymph pattern to save the day, this copper john has done it for me a time or two. Both of these green colored wire wrap flies is a great color to simulate the blue winged olive nymph. It also has a hint of blueish tinsel on the wing case to make it even more deadly in a blue wing olive hatch. This pattern is in my all star lineup for nymphs, and it should be in yours too. This is a versatile nymph that is worthy of a place in your flybox.

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These nymphs just might blow your mind. Give them a try, they are worth keeping on hand. Fish these during a blue winged olive hatch and you could really see some action.

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14, 16, 18


Dark Green, Lime Green