Morrish Mouse Fly – Various Options Available

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The Morrish Mouse

This is by far one of my favorite mouse flies. The flared out deer hair on the sides really allow this mouse pattern to move a lot of water and grab the attention of trout. You can buy this fly in 2 different color options.

  • Glow in the Dark White
  • Standard Black

These flies are all Size #1

The Glow in the dark mouse pattern is painted with high quality glow in the dark paint that glows extremely bright. You should have no trouble seeing this fly after dark. Once the glowing wears out, just shine a light of some sort on it and it will glow again just as brightly as ever. The glow mouse fly will really help you keep track of how much line you have out and whether or not your fly is making it all the way to the bank. You will love these flies!

The standard black morrish mouse is a great producing mouse fly that I have caught a ton of fish on as well. If you are looking for a fly that will catch some seriously large fish you should give this one a try.

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Morrish mouse flies are one of my all time favorite mouse patterns. Buy a couple today to try them out for yourself.

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Morrish Mouse Fly
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Black, Glow in the Dark