Troutster Fly Line Backing

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The standard size for most trout reels is 20#. If you are fishing for salmon, steelhead or other big game fish you should opt for the heavier 30# test backing.

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Troutster Premium Fly Line Backing

This backing is the highest quality for all of your backing needs. If you are looking for the strongest and most dependable fly line backing this is it. It is crafted from high strength polyester braid which is super soft and easy on your fly reel and guides.

This backing comes in 2 weight sizes:

  • 20#
  • 30#

It is offered in 2 colors:

  • Chartreuse (Neon yellow)
  • White

Currently available in 2 different lengths:

  • 50 Yards
  • 100 Yards

This high visibility backing is just what you need to fill up your fly fishing reel. If you are unsure about why you need fly line backing, read this post. Basically you need it to fill up your reel, to improve retrieval speed and as a security measure in case a large fish pulls out all of your fly line. While fly line backing does not help in casting, it is a very important part of any fly fishing setup and should not be left out.

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White, Yellow


20#, 30#


100 Yards, 50 Yards