Troutster Brand Fly Fishing Reels Instructions

Thanks for purchasing one of our great line of fly fishing reels. These reels are made with the finest materials and craftsmanship.

Reel Instructions

Changing your reel from right to left hand retrieve

All troutster fly reels can easily be switched from right to left and vice versa easily.

The Following instructions are for the Troutster Bonneville and Westslope fly reels

INstructions for changing troutster westslope fly reel from right to left hand retrieve
Step 1). Unscrew the knob on the side of the reel opposite the drag adjustment.
Remove the spool from the reel
Step 2). Remove the spool from the reel to gain access to the one way roller bearing inside the spool.


Troutster westslope fly reel instructions
Step 3). Carefully remove the retaining pin inside of the spool using a knife or flat head screw driver. This will give you access to the one way bearing.
One way bearing from the troutster fly fishing reel
Step 4). Carefully remove the bearing from the spool, flip it over and re-assemble the reel in the same manner that you took it apart. Your reel should now be set to the opposite reeling direction that it was prior.